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lado Trashmonkeys – FAVOURITE ENEMY (ALBUM)


Album-CD - 17180-2
Album-Vinyl - 17180-1

out Aug 06

about Trashmonkeys

“Favourite Enemy” is finished and it´s been worth it. The TRASHMONKEYS have, in the two years since “The Maker” developed immensely. The songs and the sound reached new levels, withour losing the power of the 60s. Offer Stock has turned out to be a master of all trades changing between organ, piano, synthesizer and guitar. This takes some weight off Andreas´ shoulders giving him more space to exercise his melodic skills. Apart from all this on one song there are real violins to be heard.

Remember the title “Attitudes in stereo”. Not only that once you´ve heard it you can´t get it out of your head but also that the song was chosen by BMW for the italian advert for the new mini.Cool enough on itself, but what really impress is that they are using an obscure practiceroom – demoversion, cobbled together by gunnar and his mate electro – whizz – kid Nayan Souki, with a tape player and a 4 – Track recorder in Nayan´s hallway.
Look forward to this, the imagination and the groove of the TRASHMONKEYS are without bounds. You can´t and shouldn´t even try to escape them. Get it.

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