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lado Eagle*Seagull – Eagle*Seagull


Album-CD - 17189-2

out Sep 06

about Eagle*Seagull

Eagle*Seagull played their first shows in Lincoln and Omaha in October 2004. They soon started playing concerts regularly and caused quite a lot of hype in the Nebraskan scene. This, in turn, caught the attention of a certain Brian Vaughan: the former Sup Pop and Saddle Creek trainee was on the verge of founding his own label, Paper Garden Records, and chose eagle*seagull to be catalogue number 001. The occasional recordings they had made in his bedroom were compiled for the album and in October ‘05, one year after their first concert, eagle*seagull’s debut album was released on the new mini-label.

What happened next can only be likened to a buzz of almost Clap Your Hands proportions. Capital reactions in online forums, euphoric reviews in the underground press, listings in various “Best Of 2005” and “Bands to watch 2006” polls – there were too many to name all of them here. In the months that followed, our boys (and girl) from Lincoln progressed from just being a “hip name to drop”, and Paper Garden – although still without a national distributor – had to / was able to re-press the debut CD for the umpteenth time.

And all this turmoil – this has to be said – was caused by a band that doesn’t even fit into any existing genres – and that is precisely where parallels can be drawn to The Arcade Fire and Clap Your Hands. They created a world of their own. And their songs are so chart-hostile that they rarely stay under the 5-minute mark, preferring to reveal their secrets bit by bit. A sailor’s lullaby waltz “Death Could Be At The Door” provides the missing link between the Decemberists and “Disintegration” by The Cure. On the other hand, “Your Beauty Is A Knife I Turn On My Throat” features a music-hall piano, “Hello, Never” welcomes the lost cousin of Pavement’s “Range Life”, while the frantic “Photograph” chases The Arcade Fire through a New Order disco at fast forward.
Yet this too is just another mass of reference points that merely hint at what eagle*seagull really sound like. The question of direction has never been crucial for Eli anyway: “We love the songs and love each other. It’s great fun and that’s our main priority.” You wanna bet? We too will have lots of fun with eagle*seagull this season.

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