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Ladomat 2000 Remute – Remute


Album-CD - 2181-2

out May 06

about Remute

Remute´s tracks share a love for detail and the urge to tell stories without using many words. Stories that differ as much as his live performances. They resemble a roller coaster ride of emotions: Not just a great rave experience, but especially one of those ‘do you remember when?’-moments which stick although the moment itself is long gone. Remute regular appearance in magazine polls for best live act of the year proves that this is not just theory.

For a moment, one may find the well known coordinates of techno, house or electro on his album, but those who would like to hastily stick Remute into a category have not listened properly: Here, someone really runs riot and forms hurricanes of emotions out of different influences and moods, which carry you away, especially because you never know what is going to happen next: straight minimal house tracks mutate into chopped disco orgies, prudish techno advances meet robotized voices, which cause turbulence in the stereo-sum and what appears to start like a cool electro track might turn into a heartbreaking hymn against sadness.

There are no drawers for this, but if the only problem of an album lies in the fact that it cannot be filed under any known categories, you can be sure that someone knew how to do things right.

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