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Album-CD - 17161-2
Album-Vinyl - 17161-1

out May 05

about Timid Tiger

It does not happen very often that you walk down the street whistling a melody which seems to sweeten the moment and ultimately your whole day. It is quite rare too, that cheerful music really makes you want to cheer because the superficial happiness often appears fake and unreal, and we do not like to be messed with. Consequently, fine, noble and light pop is far too rare. Therefore the debut album of the Cologne-based band Timid Tiger will make many happy because it includes all of that: elegant lightness, sweet melodies with hooks for your brain and, last but not least, humor.

Not too fast, though: Timid Tiger are Keshav Purushotham (vocals, guitar), Christian Voß (guitar, synthesizer), Evgeni Kouris (synthesizer), Thilo Schmelzer (bass) and Felix Günther (drums, flute) and they call their music cartoon pop. The pop bit is clear: catchy three-minute-songs and hooks around every corner. The cartoon part is explained as follows: The Timid Tiger is a cartoon tiger and the record is the soundtrack to his life. He is an honest fellow and experiences quite normal things. His world is very colorful and overdrawn – as is the music. It squeaks and flutes, beeps and horns just about everywhere. The keyboard carries the melodies, the guitar drives rhythmically and the warm, calm voice of singer Keshav takes care of the smooth flow inbetween. As playful and naive as this may seem in a first impression, the songs appear complex and sophisticated at a closer look. „Timid Tiger & A Pile Of Pipers“ is cute but not stupid, affectionate but not obtrusive, sleek but not overly clean. That is nice.

And it all happened like this: Back in 1998, Keshav, Evgeni, Felix and Thilo played together in a band called Radio Voices. In the summer of 2002, Keshav met Christian at the Rose Club in Cologne, they exchanged visions and tried lots of things. Two years later, the EP „Timid Tiger & The Electric Treasure Box“ was released on the Cologne label Highcat Records. The song „Miss Murray“ was played on the radio, the band played wherever one would let them, toured with Graham Coxon (formerly with the band Blur), with Phillip Boa and on their own. Then came Hamburg, L’Age D’Or, a studio visit, collaboration with Phil Vinall (Elastica, Placebo, Nova International) and now this: their debut album.

It is all starting right now. The tiger’s adventures are drawn by German artist Klaus Cornfield who does not stop drawing. First images are included in the CD’s booklet. The band’s concerts have become more and more fantastic performances with all sorts of dolls and critters. And there’s the album – music and painting, a sing-along hit box with a superstructure made of images, cartoon pop to sweeten your day. It does not happen to you that often, after all.

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