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Ladomat 2000 Remute – Please, Say Something

Please, Say Something

12inch - 2185-0

out Apr 06

about Remute

Hamburg – your so rainly!

Welcome, this is first EP from Remutes long awaited Longplayer “ Remute” on Ladomat 2000.

After killing the dancefloors with releases on Dekathlon, Weave, Traum, Trapez , Areal, MBF and remixes for Dominik Eulberg , Solar or DNCN Denis Karimani is going to “ Say Something “ on Ladomat.

Say Something drives along with a drifty and infectious synthline while Christopher Just interpretation of “Say Something” just hit´s you in full effect.
This 12” delivers your demand with a wicked and crazy combination of finest techsounds.
Ladomat says hello and putting the bass back on the floor!

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