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phantom/ghost cover three

Relax it's only a Ghost

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about THREE

Von Spar

Von Spar - Die uneingeschränkte Freiheit der Priva


von spar kicking 2004 - from upcoming album (august 2004)
save mp3 "Bunsenwahrheiten" (2.8 mb)
about Die unein-geschränkte Freiheit der privaten Initiative

various artists

Agenda 2010

Saalschutz feat. Stina Galaxina - SMS D'Amour (High On Heels Mix)

zuerichs saalschutz from agenda2010 compilation - passion is the new loud!
save mp3 "Saalschutz feat. Stina Galaxina - SMS D'Amour (High On Heels Mix)" (5.4 mb)
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Photograph (Single Mix, Full Version)

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about Eagle*Seagull



Monster Hospital MSTRKRFT RMX

save mp3 "Monster Hospital MSTRKRFT RMX" (4.8 mb)
about Live It Out


Stella Better Days Sound Great

Never going back to school

first single from stellas 2004 album "better days sounds great"
save "Never going back to school" to local disk (3.8 mb)
about Better Days Sounds Great

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