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The Robocop Kraus

The Robocop Kraus
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The Robocop Kraus are:
-Thomas Lang vocals
-Matthias Wendl guitar
-Markus Steckert organ
-Tobias Helmlinger bass
-Johannes Uschalt drums

THE ROBOCOP KRAUS release their new album THEY THINK THEY ARE THE ROBOCOP KRAUS on September, 05th 2005. Recorded this February in Stockholm with Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, The (International) Noise Conspiracy) it sees the Nuremberg based band refine their unique blend of punk, post punk and New Wave combined with 21st Century values to sensational effect. “We really managed to sound like ourselves for the first time on this record”, the band say, which could almost be boasting, so successful is the record in delivering the band’s finest set yet of exhilarating and intelligent songs.

THEY THINK THEY ARE THE ROBOCOP KRAUS picks up where their last album Living With Other People left off, but ups the ante even further. Packed with their trademark snotty vocals, anthemic melodies, angular funk and pile driving rhythms, it’s also tight, crisp and exuberantly energetic. Songs like ‘After Laughter Comes Tears’, You Don’t Have To Shout’ and ‘All The Good Men’ offer exceptionally rousing choruses and display the band’s talent in making the most complex songs – and these are no simple verse / chorus creations – sound effortlessly simple. ‘Too True To Be Good’ and ‘Life Amazes Us Despite Our Miserable Future’ see the band travel more downbeat paths with equal skill.

Lyrically the album covers a diverse range of topics: religion, life threatening illness and the fragility and absurdity of life are just some of the subjects addressed, but despite the generally effervescent mood throughout Thomas Lang’s lyrics are far from lightweight. ‘You Don’t Have To Shout’ even tackles the subject of student Mathias Rust’s legendary flight with a hired Cessna into the heart of Communist Russia, while ‘Concerned, Your Secular Friends’ addresses the loss of the band’s former bassist to God during a trip to Amsterdam.

THE ROBOCOP KRAUS formed in 1998 in Nuremberg, Germany. THEY THINK THEY ARE THE ROBOCOP KRAUS is their fourth album (discounting the rarities and unreleased material compilation As Long As We Dance We Are Not Dead). The band have toured extensively in Europe, the US and Japan and run their own label, Swing Deluxe.

The Robocop Kraus
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