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welcome to solarsystem stella,
a luminescent group of diverse planets united in the name of rock.
planet mense reents inhabitants enjoy listening to john cale daytime
and dance to egoexpress tech-step by night. it is a more loud version
of the mysterious world on planet hendrik weber, where towns
got strange names such as pantha du prince and glühen4 and
the main company is called dial.
on planet thies mynther people like to eat chicks on speed,
their favourite pets are ms kittins, their favourite game is named phantom/ghost. people there are a little bit jealous on people
on planet elena lange, because there work is forbidden so everbody
is singing the whole day long and travels by funky french trains
called tgv with some fanta and cookies.
spaceships passing by this solarsystem attracted by all those
shimmering lights will surely realize the bubble of music that
keeps the whole thing together. it is filled with lots of 60s inspired
music with a groove people call new wave even if its showing
up the third time, electroniks down with r n b and ballads ladies
and gentleman, fucking fucking heartbreaking ballads!
ova and out.