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Sensorama, music-wise also known as Acid Jesus, Alter Ego and Ro 3003, present their most ambitious project. In 1995/96 these musicians from Frankfurt made their debut with the album „Welcome Insel“ and the remix album „Zu Gast auf der Welcome Insel“ with renowned remixers such as Mouse on Mars, Plaid, Claude Young, Move D and Born under a Rhiming Planet. Besides countless laurels from the press, Sensorama also had a video success: Their cult video to „Echtzeit“ won various music video prizes and documents Sensorama’s special aesthetics and very own, very German style. On their first record they were still sampling Blumfeld, but their second album, „Love“, was already totally free of samples. Their second video, „Star Escalator“, climbed to No. 1 in various music video charts in July 1998, and the album got large reviews in all the media and was even mentioned in the magazine „Wild+Hund“ (Game+Dog).

In spring 2001 the third album, „Projektor“ has been released. It deals with Abstract-Folk and other big and warm types of music. Furthermore, for the first time there are vocals, „It’s The Thing“ evolved at Klangfabrik with Robert Forster (Go-Betweens).