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Mense Reents

Mense Reents
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Professional troublemaker Mense Reents has a reputation for blasting the limits and rules with egoexpress (house), Stella (pop) and Die Goldenen Zitronen (political rock), and in doing so contributing something to the respective genres. However, AUS FREIEN STÜCKEN is none of all that. Mense seizes the opportunity of doing a solo album and presenting his rather individual interpretation of aesthetics.
Perhaps it would be art, if it weren’t so much fun.
Let’s call it independent music.

In a very unexcited manner, the tracks create a hypnotic spell out of which the vocals passages evolve. Laced with a very contemporary form of psychedelia, this album is not sarcastic in any way – one could even call it unsarcastically nice. Initially displaying a project-like concept approach, this soon turned into instrumental protest songs in the form of minimal rock, dance music for strange places and pop songs in which club nights resound. In a shattered-esoteric sort of way, the pieces amalgamate, or not, as the case might be – which also explains the title of the album (pun: “Of one’s own free will”/”Made up of separate pieces”).

AUS FREIEN STÜCKEN borders on what one could call electronic music. In fact its electronically generated sounds, self-played and processed samples make it so complex at various levels that one can hardly tell which parts are digital and which analogue. Mense is at home in both worlds and makes distinctions elsewhere.

Besides the maxi tracks THIS IS THE WAY and WORDS, the cornerstones of the album are the two impressive (almost) instrumental tracks BLAUE BERGE and IT DIDN’T MATTER.

Guest musicians include: Thies Mynther (Stella, Superpunk, Phantom/Ghost) as co-author and co-producer on DRESS LIKE AN ALBINO, and Jimi Siebels (egoexpress, Sand11) as co-arranger on 1998.
The Alanis Morissette Lyric Generator ( spilled out DRESS LIKE AN ALBINO.

Pascal Fuhlbrügge