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Kolossale Jugend

Kolossale Jugend
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Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse, Hamburg: a band called KOLOSSALE JUGEND (after a record by the Young Marble Giants) is busy rehearsing. Something’s in the air. They’ve released the first single (“Kein Schulterklopfen”), Pascal Fuhlbrügge and Carol von Rautenkranz have founded the L’age D’or label, the first concerts are being played. Then, in the late summer of 1989, the debut album “HEILE HEILE BOCHES” hits the shops.

The music is one big pushing, shoving and thrashing deluge. There’s no central figure, sometimes the bass holds all the musical pieces together, at other times it’s the drums, the guitar or this nervous guy at the microphone.

The language: an instrument like the bass, the drums, the guitar and the vocals. All the lyrics: a bucket full of snippets of sentences. Anyone who fishes around in this bucket will almost invariably find mainly question or exclamation marks. So it doesn’t take long before the press arrive, because: THEY RADIATE, THEY’RE SO OUTRAGEOUS; THEY DON’T ABIDE BY ANY RULES; THEY’VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY; THEY’RE SO UNIQUE. The chorus “Der Text ist meine Party” (the lyrics are my party) become a quotation classic.

So Kolossale Jugend rock on. And on the side they play a part in making German pop music more political again. The year is 1989.

Kolossale Jugend’s only really hefty statement is propagated on a T-shirt. But the music, although it’s never actually spelt out, often says the same: “Halt’s Maul Deutschland” (“Germany, shut up!”). This equally applies to their second LP, “LEOPARD II”, which is released in the late summer of 1990.

Well over a year later, Thomas Gross and Volker Backes coin the expression “Hamburg School” for bands such as Cpt. Kirk, Blumfeld and Kolossale Jugend. Kolossale Jugend no longer exist at this point.

In the meantime, a lot has happened. L’age D’or has dug out the old Kolossale Jugend tapes and – no, seriously – got Chris von Rautenkranz to stick them in the oven (because, at least so they say, you get better results this way when it comes to doing the remastering). The year is 2004. Some have furnished their pads rather nicely in an idyllic form of protest. Others want a quota for more German songs on the radio. And the motto in the dives of the pop metropolises is: I know that you know that I know. Thus an ideal time for music that just won’t fit into your head properly, no matter how hard you try.

On “UM UND BEI KOLOSSALE JUGEND” old companions meet up again and cover/remix in constellations that have never existed in this form before. These include Egoexpress (“Maul” has also become the new dancefloor filler at Egoexpress concerts!), Kissogram & Masha Qrella, Melissa Logan (Chicks On Speed), Ted Gaier (Goldene Zitronen), Von Spar, LaHengst (Bernadette Hengst/Die Braut Haut Ins Auge), Ehlers, and Helgoland.
Solely for the purpose of recording this 12” EP, Kolossale Jugend got together once more and composed a new song, released here for the very first time.

Kolossale Jugend
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