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Album-CD - 17181-2
Album-Vinyl - 17181-1

out Apr 06

Dear friends of phantoms and ghosts,

when we met for the first time in 1998 to make music together inspired by John Cale and Leonard Cohen we had no idea that our innocent spare time entertainment would turn out to become a real band.
Now in the year 2006 we actually managed to finish our third album and as usual, it almost happened accidentally, as if those sweet melodies had come to us in our sleep and the music had played itself, at midnight, of course, ‘while the recording engineer sleeps’.
To our own surprise, the outcome is a kind of electronic folk album or a radio play with music, whatever you prefer: a strangely interwoven thing, an acoustic spinning, a patchwork rug made of fictional stories and pseudo-scientific hoaxes in a time obsessed by authenticity.
At the same time, we were more than ever interested in the form of a musical portrait, a close-up of fictitious characters who one can read like an open book written in a dead language. We hope to provide a tour for our listeners, a parcours through the images of an exhibition. There, they can get to where even more talented people failed, learn, hear witches sing and listen to an unmoral bedtime story. They can meet someone who moved to the green edge of the world to get rid of his burdens and someone who would have made even Caligula blush. They will never be alone again, descend deep into the mountain and at last get to know Willow Rosenberg, the charming master of black and white magic. We wish you a good journey, a pleasant stay and would be happy to welcome you at one of our performances.


Thies Mynther und Dirk von Lowtzow

Phantom/Ghost THREE
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