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ASCII.DISKO is Daniel Holc.
ALIAS (as known or named at another time or place)

Daniel Holc’s debut album under the pseudonym ASCII.DISKO was released in 2003 on L’AGE D’OR to critical acclaim, including the UK’s DJ-Magazine’s “Album of the Month.” This lead to bookings which sent him throughout the world – from Korea, through Europe’s biggest cities, all the way to Mexico and back. ASCII.DISKO, either live or as a DJ, creates a rough but steady mix of Electro, Wave, Techno, Pop and Rock.

In the summer of 2004 the Hamburg native moved to Madrid, where he continues to live and work. After almost 3 years since his debut, his new album ALIAS is being released, now on the sublabel LADOMAT 2000.

The associations that come to mind with the new album tracks, from which there is already an EP “BLACK METAL” are clear. The music’s foundations are impossible to miss: from Heavy Metal all the way to Punk Rock. However ALIAS cannot be easily put into a clichéd category. It isn’t Rock that puts on electronic clothes for a day. The Rock was once there and could be characterized as a stain that you can’t get out anymore. Electro-Rock? Why? Above everything else, it is Techno that delivers every tenor, regardless of whether it is Electro or Rock, through Techno. You think you are hearing loud guitars, but are proven wrong as they drone on- they are heavy synths, carried by an ever pushing, untiring Bass Drum. Like BLACK METAL, the tracks switch every Rock element and push them to the limit like the indispensable cow bells and vocals that are reminiscent of the heyday of New-York-Noise that are subliminally integrated into the tracks. ALIAS is loud and sometimes soft at the same time. This transports the complexity and the personal nature of the album. ALIAS wants to be a contradiction, between the Rave that ASCII.DISKO is known for and the exclusiveness of Daniel Holc himself. BAPHOMET is a rough and dirty Rave number that brings is to the point: ASCII.DISKO is also “Filthy, Dark, Rough.” The calm within the album is most clear when the voice is warm, but as if almost retrained as a part of retaliation to the dominant sound in order to create a balance as proven in the track CLOSER – a slowly fractal track, like a drive through the dark night. Similarly in the track HEY, the Vocals don’t let themselves get easily impressed by the heavy Synths that feel like a bad hangover. ALIAS is more than pure club music – it is the connection between the calm that the artist emanates and the exuberance that is exuded in the places where his music is played loudly. ASCII.DISKO is a personal platform that uses an ALIAS to create a direct route to the dance-floor, where all emotions are unloaded. It contradicts an all-to-clean world and crashes directly into freedom, passion and indulgence. The music isn’t heady and that’s what it wants, yet it is never indifferent constantly creating Rave moments, at times dirty, and times diffused like in DIRTY, other times somewhat more minimal but extremely catchy like TZSSRRCK or sounding infected by the bleep-Sound – extremely funky like BLISS.

ASCII.DISKO connects his background and the Status Quo of his artistic achievements with the drive of today’s clubbers towards escapism, to collective exuberance, to rave!